Dance Free Dance, 2010

This series was a result of my participation in the project Roundtable Session, initiated by a multi-media artist, Miriam Aziz. The idea behind the project was to bring together artists working in a variety of media to create collaboratively through interactions with each other in time and space. I entered the session being defensive and uptight, unable to interact with others. This inhibited and boxed in emotion started to change while I was shooting. I began to respond to the movement with my camera. I slowly got closer to the dancers becoming more and more involved in their interactions. I then moved together with the dancers while continuing to focus and shoot. My reactions became spontaneous and improvised. I felt liberated, fearless, and was happily surprised to find myself dancing freely with my camera. 

This project talks about feelings that emerge through human interactions: experiences of suffering, struggle, pain, love, uncertainty, failure, fear, trust, pleasure all intertwined. In these photographs, I express what it feels like to be close to another person, what it means to be among others and to dance freely.